Simplifi Networks provide Sponsorship and WiFi for 2021 Zoohackathon

Simplifi Networks provide Sponsorship and WiFi for 2021 Zoohackathon

On November 12, 13, and 14 Simplifi Networks partnered with the US Mission in Uganda to sponsor the  2021 Zoohackathon at the Uganda Wildlife Conservations Education Center. Simultaneously, the event was  going on in six other countries and several virtual contests. Uganda was the only East African country to  do the Zoohackathon.

The event attracted 50 of the most talent technical youths across Uganda, creating 11 teams, to find  technology solutions to help stop wildlife trafficking and poaching. They were giving different scenarios to  use technology to help solve issues such as Hippos moving into communities and causing damage and  death. The demand for high-quality WiFi and Internet was crucial to the success of this program as many  participants would be needing high-speed Internet to create their designs.  

The first day bootcamp taught the participants on coding and how to present their solutions. The next day,  the design work started. Sunday at 10:30am each team presented to a panel of judges. Judging was based  on creativity, sustainable, and how easy to scale the solution.

Because Simplifi Networks had designed large scale WiFi solution in the past, they were asked to provide  the WiFi for the event. Simplifi staff, Ambrose Ahurra, designed the WiFi network and assisted the Zoohackathon teams as a mentor. Simplifi’s Ken Stober was one of the judges to evaluate the final solutions.

Using the latest technologies for WiFi 

The participants were going to be working in multiple locations:

• Floating Restaurant A

• Library C  

• Rhino Restaurant D

• Temporary tents E

NITA-U provided the event with 100+mbps internet at the Main Gate (B) and ran fiber to the Floating  Restaurant (A). The core router, installed at the main gate B was a Mikrotik 1009, also installed was a  Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2.  

Siklu 70ghz Backhaul with UAP AC Mesh Pro

Using new Siklu 70ghz backhaul devices, a link was installed between Floating Restaurant (A) and the  temporary tent (E) where a Ubiquiti UAP AC Mesh Pro provided Wifi. A second wireless link was created  from the Floating Restaurant (A) and Rhino Restaurant (D) where a Ubiquiti UAP AC LR was used. At the  Floating Restaurant, an Ubiquiti UAP AC XG, allowing up to 1000 concurrent users, was used for the events  throughout the weekend and for the final presentations and judging.

To limit bandwidth, each user was given a maximum of 10mbps by the core router. By using Ubiquiti, the  users were able to freely move from location using the zero-handoff option.

The winning team was Golden Lions, they proposed using AI cameras to identify Hippos that were moving  into dangerous areas. A high-frequency siren would sound to move the Hippos back to their safe areas of  habitat. The Golden Lions are now entered into the final Zoohackathon in the USA. Good luck!!!

Screen Shot of the Cloud Key, centralized management for Ubiquiti Access Points

Judges hearing the final presentations from the participants.