12 Core Aerial Figure "8"

12 Cores, Aerial, Figure 8, Metal strength member, Non Self-Supporting


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12 Core Aerial Figure "8"

12 Cores, Aerial, Figure 8, Metal strength member, Non Self-Supporting

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SFP+ 10G LC Connector

Brands: Sopto

SFP+ 850nm 10G LC Connector 300m Commercial Temperature

SFP+ 1310nm 10G LC Connector 10km, 20km, 40km with DDM Commercial Temperature

1 Port Fiber Terminal Box Indoor desktop

Brands: Sopto

Fiber Terminal Box Indoor desktop 1 ports Simplex SC/Duplex LC Plastic

FTTH Terminal box is a compact fiber terminal for use at the final fiber termination point in the customer premises. It provides mechanical protection and managed fiber control in an attractive format suitable for use inside customer premises, A variety of possible fiber termination techniques are accommodated.

AI-7C Optical fiber fusion Splicer

Brands: Signal Fire


It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and other fiber cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU and is currently one of the fastest fiber splicing machine in the market; with a 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, the operation is simple and intuitive. 8 seconds speed core alignment splicing, 18 seconds heating, the working efficiency increased by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines.

Complete with workers stool and full required tool kit for work, the splicer is suitable for use with SM, MM, bare fiber, pigtail, rubber-insulated and multi-fiber cable.

FHS1 Series Laser Source

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The FHS1 Series laser source offers excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. The output power is stable -5dBm and supports CW/270/1k/2kHz modulated output mode.