Simplifi Networks can assist with or lead on wireless and network design requirements. This can range from Point-To-Point links to large Point-To-Multi-Point networks, network topology for hotels, offices and gated communities.

We have worked with partners to create innovative designs providing a cost effective solution to real-world implementation challenges. 


Our team of engineers can train you and your staff to get the best out of your network. Our teams include certified installers and trainers who can work with your own to ensure you implement and maintain using the industry best practices.


We can provide support as required for all the products we provide. This can include troubleshooting, diagnosing and reconfiguring devices, working remotely or on-site depending.

MikroTik Quick Guide

This is a brief document detailing the troubleshooting steps required to resolve the most common configuration requirements for Mikrotik products.

The document can be viewed here.

SimplifiApp for MikroTik

We have developed our own software for managing Mikrotik devices making common user-requested features easy and accessible.

This includes:

  • Blocking websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc)
  • Bandwidth limiting per client
  • Restricting number of connected clients

For documentation click here.

To download the Android App, please click here.