Simplifi Networks was started in January 2014 by Ken Stober and Graham Balcombe to provide networking and communications equipment for East and Central Africa. The goal was to stock equipment locally, provide the best support, and to push prices down. Simplifi Networks is the Master Distributor for all the products they sell and support, this means they work directly with the manufacturer, this gives our customers the best pricing in the market.

Since 2014, Simplifi has grown its staff, product lines and support. Starting with Ubiquiti and Mikrotik, Simplifi now has over 13 manufacturer partners offering Wi-Fi, fiber, test tools, power solutions, and more. We have solutions for all your network and communications needs.

Ken Stober image

Ken Stober

Ken Stober is the co-founder and Group Managing Director of Simplifi Networks. Simplifi was started in 2014 and is one of the premier network and communications distributors for East and Central Africa. Prior to starting Simplifi, Ken had various roles at Intel, Microsoft, and 3Com. He worked on product design, marketing, business development, and Intel Capital.

Ken has also worked in Haiti, rebuilding Internet infrastructure, and in Tanzania, installing computers in schools, projects sponsored by Clinton Foundation and USAID. As a volunteer in 2003, Ken started the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project, to help the mountain porters with better living and working conditions.

In his spare time, Ken likes visiting East African National Parks and is an avid mountain bike rider.

Graham Balcombe image

Graham Balcombe

Graham is a co-founder and director of Simplifi Networks, now based in Kenya Graham has spent close to two decades living and working on the African continent.

Aside from his interests in tech development, Graham is a certified scuba instructor and a keen wildlife photographer, he also maintains a long term interest in classic motorsport.

Regina Kaaria image

Regina Kaaria

Regina is the office account administrator based in Kenya. She is a fully qualified accountant (CPA K, BCOM-Finance) with over 10 years’ experience in the field.

She is in charge of Operations, customer relations as well as maintaining books of accounts for Simplifi Networks, Kenya.

In her free time she enjoys agriculture and rearing farm animals

Ambrose Ahurra image

Ambrose Ahurra

Ambrose is a support Engineer at Simplifi Networks with notable experience in Mikrotik Routers and Router OS, Ubiquiti Enterprise WiFi, PTP/PtMP, Fiber Optic. Ambrose enjoys setting up various configuration scenarios integrating with other devices and building optimal network solutions.

He has already worked on scenarios like Load balancing and Fail over, Hotspot, Firewall and Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Tunneling, MPLS among others. He also wrote SimplifiApp, an Android configuration tool for Mikrotik routers. In his free time he likes to follow football and learn new things.

Resty Nabatte image

Resty Nabatte

Resty is a project manager at simplifi networks, a passionate results-oriented expert, focused on helping enterprises design, set-up, and maintain computer networks that enhance productivity and scale-up operations with ease.

Resty has 5 years’ progressive experience across various industries, she has previously worked with Djamboree IT consults as a certified computer network consultant with MTCNA and MTCWE Certifications. Below are some of the skills she has attained with time; Network Design, Wireless Network setup, LAN setup, Call Center deployment, CRM Implementation, and Network Diagnosis.

During her free time, she likes traveling, listening to music and camping.

Mildred Okwir image

Mildred Okwir

Mildred is a Telecommunication Engineer, with over 11 years’ experience by training in network design, installation and configuration. She joined Simplifi at the start and has seen the company as it grows.

Before joining Simplifi, she worked as Project manager and Data manager in different organization like Oxfam Novib, UNHCR, TASO. Besides being techie, Mildred spends her spare time at her farm where she is happy to be apart of the people who contribute to the food basket of Uganda.

Muzamil Mohamed image

Muzamil Mohamed

Muzamil Muhamed is the Logistic manager at Simplifi Networks. He has selflessly, self taught himself to achieve the level he is in.

He is excellent at his job and has made work of all the other staff members easy through making sure the warehouse is organized and accessible by all.

He also manages all imports and exports, from the start until it's delivered at the warehouse.

Muzamil also worked at Europcar as assistant Fleet manager where he was responsible for coordinating repairs and servicing of company vehicles and allocating duties to company drivers.

Muzamil likes listening to music especially Kofi olomide and is a fan of football supporting Arsenal.

Barbra Mbabazi image

Barbra Mbabazi

Barbra Mbabazi is a proficient Finance manager with over 12 years experience in financial markets. Barbra is currently the Finance and Operations manager of Simplifi Networks Ltd, Uganda. She has qualifications and experience in fields of Accounting and Finance for different intended users, Tax ordeals in Uganda attributed by the different experiences encountered over the years of practice and duties undertaken in different Organizations such as Dunavant Uganda, African Queen No.1 Distribution Ltd and Simplifi Networks Limited.

In her odd moments, Barbra likes to pay a call on sightseeing areas of Uganda, watching movies of historical and science fiction genres with friends.

Katushabe Sarah image

Katushabe Sarah

Sarah is currently a Chef & Office Maintenance Manager at Simplifi Networks with 5 years’ experience.She has had similar roles in different Organizations like Crane Bank, Cuban Embassy & Royal Danish Embassy.

She worked in Welfare while welcoming visitors & serving refreshments, operating phones & maintaining a clean work environment. Sarah has also worked at good news Nursery & Primary School which was an orphanage school for Vulnerable children as a Director. Her role was to ensure every child has a chance at Education.

In her free time, Sarah likes to cook, travel & go to the beach.

Philip Nyalando image

Philip Nyalando

Philip Nyalando provides janitorial and administrative support at Simplifi Networks. He is also a part time student who is interested in exploring tech advancement and Simplifi provides a nurturing space for his curiosity.

When he is not overseeing his department, he is out cycling or creating baked treats.

Immanuel Marwa image

Immanuel Marwa

Immanuel Marwa is currently the Digital Marketer and Social media manager at Simplifi Networks Limited. His work covers social media, web management, email marketing and content marketing.

In his free time he likes to listen to music and travel.