Since the beginning of 2014 Simplifi Networks has grown to become one of the leading distributors of Enterprise WiFi, Network and Optical Fiber equipment for East, Central Africa and beyond.

Founded by Ken Stober and Graham Balcombe, the company continues to make a positive impact, spearheading development of the communications market in Africa’s fastest growing region.

Originally a direct reseller of Ubiquiti products, Simplifi Networks is now the regions largest Master Distributor for many of the worlds market leading manufacturers, including, Ubiquiti Networks, MikroTik, RF Elements, Netonix, Ursalink, Tycon Power, Mimosa, Sopto, D-Line and our own range of high quality network cable and installation accessories.

Stock availability and competitive pricing being simply stepping stones to success, Simplifi Networks adds value to the brand by offering Certified Manufacturer Training, Network Planning and Design, Installation Services, Product Support and Warranty. Much more than most and better than many.

Strategically located across Nairobi, Kampala and Dar-es-Salaam with resellers throughout the region, Simplifi Networks provides equipment and solutions to both local and remote locations.

As networking technology continues to expand its reach, we look forward to working with WiFi 6, LoRaWAN, 60 GHz, LTE and 5G equipment as it comes to the market in this region.

With further expansion planned including the addition of innovative new products and technology, Simplifi Networks continues to be, THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS.

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