10/100Mb Shielded Passive Injector


10/100Mb Passive PoE Injector. Injects DC power to RJ45 Socket Pins 4,5 (+) 7,8 (-). Shielded. Black.

Features include: 

- Shielded CAT5e cable and connectors add protection against surges and interference. 

- Cat5 rated RJ45 jack for more reliable high speed data connections (10/100MB) 

- Shrouded DC jack for improved safety

e POE-INJ-S is a low cost Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Inserter to insert PoE power to a CAT5 ethernet data cable on the unused ethernet pins 4,5(+) and 7,8(-).

The DC Input / Output voltage can be up to 57 V depending on the power supply used. The PoE voltage equals the input voltage.

Supports Passive POE distances up to 100m (328feet).

DC connector is 5.5x2.1mm size. Total length of part is 10".