TwistPort™ Adaptor for PrismStation™, IsoStation™


The TwistPort™ Adaptor for PrismStation™ 5AC / IsoStation™ 5AC / IsoStation™ M5 makes the radios compatible with all TwistPort™ Antennas. TwistPort™ Adaptors are equipped with our original quick-locking waveguide port. Connecting and disconnecting the IsoStation™ radio series from the TwistPort™ Adaptor is very simple and requires no tools.

TwistPortTM Adaptors make most popular connectorized radios and MikroTikTM RouterBoards compatible with any TwistPort TM antennas. They are the key to the entire TwistPort TM ecosystem with all its benefits - low loss, high scalability, easy co-location, simple deployment, and easy maintenance.



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